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My wife had a multitude of tests last week to determine whether or not she’s progressed at all since her intensive chemo session during her time in hospital last March/April. Well, it seems to be very good news so far and the medical team are extremely pleased with her, praising her positive attitude and sheer determination to overcome such a potentially devastating multiple myeloma.We’re not out of the woods just yet however, but the tests have shown that, not only has her platelet count returned to normal, but her haemoglobin production is also as it should be once again and her neutraphils are practically in overdrive!Of course, I still insist that she has her daily dose of Manuka honey and she loves to come out for long walks in the countryside with Tess and me at least two or three times a week. Oh….and her hair is finally starting to grow back….albeit slightly more curly than before!I took the above. picture yesterday (4th July, 2009), somewhere along my old boyhood stomping ground near Deerhurst close to the River Severn. It was sunny and warm and we walked a long way. We finished with a cream tea each in the pretty garden of a small cafe adjacent to the Saxon Odda’s Chapel in Deerhurst. The cafe is run purely for the benefit of the bereaved children’s charity “Winston’s Wish” and provides the best cream tea in Gloucestershire….Believe me, I may not know much about anything in general, but I am an expert on cream teas!

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